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Lessons from Rhubarb Pie

Jul 15, 2019
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Our "AHA!" moments of learning often come from places where we least expect them and at times when we aren't even looking. I had this happen to me recently, when my friend Robin Gai texted me that the video we'd shot 5 years ago for her You Tube channel was now up to 104,553 views. WHAT??!! You are kidding me!! I was flabbergasted. I've spent more hours than I want to admit trying to come up with tips, tools and messages of inspiration for my online audience. I don't post anywhere nearly as often as I "should". And my current project, doing short videos, seems to keep getting pushed to the background because of other more "important" things.

When I read the text from Robin about the number of views, it hit me: I don't have to say something significant to be visible; I just have to show up to be seen. Wow! Just show up and be myself. That's a core belief of mine, yet I had been buying into the idea that just being myself wasn't enough. The good news is I know that recognizing these hidden beliefs is on the roadmap to personal freedom.

"Not enough" is a common theme in ways we hold ourselves back in life. By buying into "I'm not enough" we end up with some kind of payoff, which often looks something like staying small, being in put it simply, staying the same. And yet, staying the same is what we are trying to get away from.

I challenge you...look for YOUR "Rhubarb Pie" moments. Where are you holding back from being seen for who you really are? Stop by my Facebook page and share what you are noticing...if you are willing to be seen!

If you'd like to learn how to make Rhubarb Pie and get lots of other great recipes from my friend Robin, here's a link to our "famous" video: