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Take the Challenge: Step out of Bed!

Nov 15, 2017
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I recently had a client who was struggling with getting to the gym in the morning. He knew that this Single Daily Action was the one thing that was going to help him stay on track with his weight loss goals. Being highly resourceful, he searched for an I-Phone app that would help him get his keister out of the warm, cozy sack. Well, he found a doozy! "Step Out of Bed" is the most annoying app on the planet....and it works! My client has successfully been getting up and getting to the gym. In the process, he is feeling good about himself and losing the pounds he wants to shed test.

Of course, I had to try it, just to be a good coach. Wow! Annoying is right! really does work! Here's the catch: you must take 30 steps before it will turn off. You cannot turn off your phone or reduce the phone volume while the alarm is ringing (and it's loud)! There are lots of ways to customize it in Settings.

For $1.99 on I-Tunes, your money will be well spent. And you'll be on your way to feeling better and better about yourself! Be sure to come back and share your experience if you dare to take the challenge!

Check it out:!-smart-alarm/id673120263?mt=8