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A hundred dollars and 3 hours later...

Completing a project isn't just about completing a task. It's an accomplishment. It's about building the muscle of believing in yourself.

Here's what our first attendees at the January 15th Get 'Er Done Project Workshop accomplished....

-Started and finished the first of three short stories

-Cleaned up a studio space to prepare for a new project

-Did an outline for a new website, set up social media accounts, picked content for the first video on the new website

-Cleared out piles of papers in a home office. Organized next steps to continue moving the project forward

-Pulled LOTS of weeds and cleared out overgrown garden beds

-And saving the best for last....Set up a new living space to host first set of overnight visitors. Found over $100 in the process!

In just 3 blocks of 40 minutes each, six eager beavers (and some slightly trepidatious tigers) all supported one another in their own individual projects. It was a beautiful example of what can be accomplished when you give yourself permission to have fun, let go of judgments, and surround yourself with others who share the same journey of life.

What project would YOU do if you blocked out three hours of uninterrupted time? Share it here. And be sure to check out our next Get 'Er Done Project Workshop dates. Past attendees said just the act of signing up got them into action!



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