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60-90 minute sessions can be done in person, by phone or via videoconferencing.

Get ‘Er Done Project Workshop

A single session accountability group for that project you’ve been putting off starting...or finishing. 

Nothing feels better than completing a project we really want to do, yet we so often rob ourselves of the opportunity because we get overwhelmed with the process and never begin at all. That’s why I created this group – to help you have support and accountability in moving your projects forward and have a cheering team with you at the end to celebrate your accomplishment.


Decluttering an office, writing an article, scheduling blog posts, organizing your closet.  What’s your project?  



Have a project in mind that you can make progress on in three blocks of approximately 45-50 minutes.  The only criteria is that you are able work on the project in short bursts of time, and be able to jump on the computer or phone at the beginning of each three-hour period.  

I’ll be available to coach you during your project work time if you get stuck. 


$227 single session ticket

 $749 package of 4 workshop sessions 


$1495 package of 12 workshop sessions

TRY IT ON:  Come see how it works one time for FREE. 

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Get 'Er Done Project Workshop for Teams

A single session accountability group to help your team move a project forward.

Is your team being challenged with the sudden onset of working remotely from multiple locations?   Numerous distractions at home can sabotage even the most focused of workers.  This 4 hour project workshop is designed to help your team members have a collective block of focused productivity.

  • a private container to keep your group on task 

  • pre-workshop materials to help your group get the most from their time

  • a template to re-create the session on your own 

  • a master coach to help identify roadblocks, both external distractions and internal landmines


  • 4 hour session with short hourly check-in's 

  • held online in a Zoom meeting room

  • group size is limited to 12 people

Schedule a consultation call to discuss your team's needs and see if this workshop is right for your organization.



  • $995 per workshop 

  • Package rates available upon request 

Tame Your Own Gremlin First:

Help for Helpers

Led by Jane Massengill, Senior Faculty and Director of The Gremlin-Taming® Institute

The best thing you can give to your clients is your full attention and freed-up spirit. Yet clients bring up topics all the time that can hook us, steering us away from the person right in front of us. Just like our clients, our inner journey is always evolving. 

By doing your own work, you help your clients find the courage to do theirs. The Gremlin-Taming Method® will help you do just that. 

This experiential group will give you opportunities to practice the key principles of Gremlin-Taming® and start using them immediately in your own life. As you start witnessing your own internal shifts, you will naturally and eagerly want to share what you are learning with others. 

Based on Taming Your Gremlin®: A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way by Rick Carson 



  • 8-week group, meets every other week for 60 minutes 

  • For personal coaches and helping professionals 

  • Held online in a Zoom meeting room 

  • Group size limited to 8 people 

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation call to make sure the group is right for you.



Next group starts in October 2020

May be eligible for coaching continuing education- check with your certification body ​


Jane’s “Get Er Done” workshop was fantastic- it allowed me to have an unparalleled night of intentional productivity and a small win in meeting a goal. The small group of unique people felt safe, supportive and friendly.  Jane casted a vision, set the structure, provided direction and insight- then we all got to work.  The hourly check ins were encouraging and the work flew by easily as I knew what I was doing and was accountable to do it.  In the end we were all successful and proud of the effort we put in. Will be back for more! 


                                                                                                                                                J. Korver

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