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An Eight-Week Primer for Coaches and Therapists

September 14, 2016 @ 10:00 am PDT

If you are a professional coach or psychotherapist, looking to become more proficient at integrating Gremlin-Taming® into your work with clients, this is the next step for you. In order to practice Gremlin-Taming with others, you must be practicing it yourself. This experiential class, taught by Jane Massengill, Master Certified Coach and Director of The Gremlin-Taming Institute, will introduce you to the core principles of the Gremlin-Taming Method and will offer ample discussion grounds for integrating this work with your clients.

Recommendation of the Month

Panda Planner

My clients know that if they tell me about something that's working for them, I'm very likely to pass it on to other clients to test out as well.   One such client, a full-time teacher and single mother of three, recently shared the Panda Planner with me.  She loves that it has plenty of room to keep track of her daily schedule with the added bonus of keeping her goals and priorities front and center.  The version she chose includes coloring pages, which she uses to reduce stress and aid in her creative thinking process.  Check it out at pandaplanner.com.  

Each month I feature a new or interesting book, resource or product which I personally recommend to help you along your journey.

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  • “ "...during one of my sessions with Jane, she took me so gently and lovingly through this incident, revisiting the situation and circumstances, the room, the people, imagining myself in the situation with my feelings, the shock of the experience...everything. My knees started trembling..." ”
    – C L Professional Coach, Speaker, Rotary President
  • “ Jane has such passion and energy - and she is genuine! ”
    – Sherry Shoemaker Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • “ I have worked closely with Jane over a number of years and I feel that I have greatly benefitted from her expertise and wise counsel. ”
    – R D Attorney
  • “ Jane Massengill keeps the compass when I get confused with daily matters. The seventy percent rise in my yearly income was no accident! ”
    – C G Entrepreneur
  • “ Jane's mastery of listening and brilliant problem-solving have given me a firm footing in a new level of self-reliance and success skills. ”
    – P W Pediatric Physician Assistant
  • “ Jane is a gift to all of us, and gifted. She has the patience of a saint and will slog with you through a swamp if that’s what’s required to help you free up and get where you’re going. ”
    – Rick Carson Author, Taming Your Gremlin®
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