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Celebrating Decades of Courage

For over thirty years I‘ve had the privilege of witnessing courage…courage to change career directions, face challenging health situations, speak difficult words of truth, and say goodbye to loved ones. Courage isn’t easy. It requires being with and pushing through fear, in service of something deeper, bigger, or greater than oneself.

This year I gathered every Word of the Year from every person I’ve ever worked with and wrote each one on a post-it note on my wall. WOW! The collective words were an exhilarating display of courage. I share some of them here so that you too may witness the courage of the human spirit, the kind of courage it takes to do what you do to make your world and the world around you a better place. Here are some of them:

Thank you for inviting me into your world and entrusting me with your most valuable asset---you! I’m deeply grateful and deeply honored. Whether we last met this month, this year or this decade, your stories of courage and commitment inspire me to do my best work so that you can do yours.

I hope that in 2019 you took the time to stretch yourself, to experiment with new ways of being, to celebrate your accomplishments and learn from your losses and that mostly, you experienced as many moments as possible with a full and open heart.

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