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Follow Your Heart

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

How do you describe something in words that is indescribable in words? That's how love is. You know it when you experience it. You can write about it, but you can't feel it without an experience of it.

I collect hearts. I surround myself with them in all shapes and sizes. I look for them on the ground when I'm going for a walk, in the clouds as I look up in the sky and of all the jewelry counters!

When I see a heart, I'm reminded to connect with that experience of love in my own heart. And when I do that, when I follow my heart, I experience all the beauty, joy and wisdom that is in all and everything, around me, and within me.

Follow YOUR heart. It will lead you to amazing places!!! And when you find a heart in some unexpected place, snap a photo and come back and share with us here! Let's see if we can create the biggest online collection of hearts from everyday places.

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