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Life on Fire

Fires are burning in the San Francisco Bay Area and my two good friends have been evacuated from their homes. They are safe, and thanks to a strong fire department and a shift in winds, their homes have been saved, so far. My friend's roof can be seen in the right side of the picture. We are praying for their safety.

I've been watching up close what happens with an emergency evacuation order. Some people get hours and some get minutes to get out. As the air outside our home is filling with smoke from fires burning 40 miles away, I'm looking around to see what I would grab if I receive an emergency evacuation order. It's a wake up call. It's not just the question of what to take, but can I find it?! Two things come to mind right away: family photos and art work. Ok - if they are hanging on the wall, that's easy. But what about that hard drive where I put all the family movies. Where is that?! It's not in the box of DVD's, it's not in the fire box, it's not in my desk drawers. After much searching and a little swearing, I finally find it tucked away with some odds and ends in the back of my office closet. Hallelujah! Panic diverted but the lesson is learned.

When emergency strikes, we are called to make quick decisions. For people with ADHD, it can be a deer in the headlights moment, but it doesn't have to be. I help my clients prioritize what's important in life, then we go to work to make sure those important things have order. Together we create systems, structures and strategies so when decisions need to be made, you know what to grab; you know where to find it. And most importantly, you've cleared the internal clutter to know that the highest priority item lives right within them, your breath. So even if you have only seconds to leave, you can be confident that you're fleeing with the one thing that cannot be replaced...YOU!

Here's a coaching challenge for you. Before your head hits the pillow tonight...

  • Jot down 10 things you would grab if you had 30 minutes to evacuate your space.

  • Write down where they are.

  • Put this list in your phone as a new Contact. Label it "Fire List" or something you will remember. Add the list in the notes section of that contact.

If you're yearning to create more order in your life, either on the inside or out, schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good match for coaching. Or check out my Get 'Er Done Project Workshop, where you immerse yourself in three hours of focused productivity. Come give it a test drive; your first Workshop is on me. Contact me for a coupon code for the date of your choice.

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